On Writing and Reading

After the third and forth round of edits, I am now working on another review while continuing to read all types of books.  Some people suggest reading the genry you are writing in, however, others recommend reading across different genres and authors. I find that no matter what I read, I always pick up something. A clever word here, a scene there, of course properly adapted, get my creative juices flowing. I always have a notebook close by to jot down ideas.

To get ideas about what to read I asked the people in my writer’s group “The Written Word” for their favorites. Some of their picks include James Michener, Tales of the South Pacific, Charles Dickens, Bleak House, James Clavell, Shogun. Some of my old favorites include The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck and Giants of the Earth by Ole Edvart Rolvaag.

They say, you can’t become a good writer without reading and I believe this to be true. I’d like to get your feedback on what books you like, I mean really like and how you select your next book. With virtual and real bookstores filled to the brim, how does one choose the next read?