The Scent of a Storm

WWII book cover people in snow

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ISBN: 978-3-948100-30-8
Paperback $14.99 eBook $4.99
Paperback Page Count: 316
Publication Date: September 24, 2021

“…a complex multi-layered narrative that fully engages the reader.” Historical Novel Society

brag medallion award stickerEastern Prussia, 1944: Young lovers Annie and Werner are separated from each other when he is drafted into Hitlers Volkssturm. While the SS orders Werner to remove the dead bodies of frozen refugees from Koenigsberg’s streets, Annie discovers she is pregnant. As she urgently awaits Werner’s return, rumors of the advancing Red Army mount and with it, alarming reports of what they do to women. Running for their lives, Annie and her mother embark on a life-threatening journey west. Even before they can escape by boat, Annie makes a horrifying mistake, one that will haunt her forever. Werner, arrested and imprisoned in a Russian gulag, manages to escape after four months of cruelty and returns home. But his and Annie’s farms lie abandoned, the love of his life and his own family have vanished.

“…a fantastic read that is impossible to put down and will steal the hearts of all true romantics, as well as historical fiction buffs. I can highly recommend this book.” Readers’ Favorite Five Stars

East Berlin, 1989: On the evening of November 9, when the borders between East and West Berlin open for the first time in nearly thirty years – a day which ultimately heralds Germany’s reunification – Annie watches a correspondent on West TV who reminds her of her childhood sweetheart Werner, the man she has thought dead for 45 years. Together with her daughter Emma, Annie sets out on a search…

Annie’s and Werner’s Journeys

map of Eastern Prussia and parts of Germany around WWII