When the Skies Rained Freedom – NEW

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ISBN: 978-3-948100-45-2
Price: $15.99 eBook $4.99
Paperback Page Count: 300
Publication Date: October 20, 2023

A rollercoaster ride of adventure and emotions in post-war Berlin

Against the backdrop of the Berlin Airlift, author Annette Oppenlander tells the heartbreaking story of a young woman who must find her way against all odds in a destroyed and besieged Berlin.

c54 plane landing in tempelhof airportAfter the devastating battle for Berlin in April 1945, Lotte Berger’s situation seems hopeless. Her apartment lies in rubble, her mother suffers a breakdown after an assault by Russian soldiers, and both, Lotte’s father and fiancé are missing in Russia. Only when Mitch Cameron, an American pilot, supports her after an accident does she regain hope. Just as they are getting closer, Lotte’s fiancé reappears under suspicious circumstances…

Berlin, September 1948: Long since separated from her fiancé, Lotte struggles for daily survival. As if Stalin’s attempt to crush Berlin and the resulting precarious supply situation were not bad enough, her mother continues to suffer from amnesia, and they share a tiny room with four other people. That is, until Lotte lands a job as a translator at the American-run Tempelhof Airport. Even if Mitch has long forgotten her, she can at least dream about him helping to free Berlin.