Escape from the Past: Game of Life…an Introduction

cover of the intro to the escape from the past trilogy

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ISBN: 9780997780024

Price: FREE eBook

Page Count: 30 pages

Publication Date: July 18, 2016

If you’re wondering how Max ended up in Germany and what happened before he got involved in the evil EarthRider game, download a FREE copy of ESCAPE FROM THE PAST: GAME of LIFE.

This is a perma-free short-story length introduction that serves as precursor to the ESCAPE FROM THE PAST trilogy.

Max Anderson is your typical teen, a bit nerdy and apprehensive about life. Until his father leaves and his mother transplants him to Germany and things go from bad to worse. Max is forced to attend German high school where the local bully, Michel, makes Max his new target. As Max dreams of returning to the U.S. and seeks escape during his afternoon computer gaming sessions with his friend, Jimmy, something sinister is going on nearby.

When Michel disappears without a trace, Max breathes a sigh of relief, even if his gut tells him something is fishy. Max doesn’t realize he’ll soon share Michel’s fate, he’ll be playing for his life.