A New Novel about a Brave Woman and America’s Selfless Heroes

Let’s be clear, without the help of the US in 1948/1949, Berlin may have been lost to the Soviets. Who knows, reunification may not have happened. But let me start at the beginning. A Novel in the Making Since I write in English and German, I always search for subjects that may interest US-American and …

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book cover scent of a storm

A New Historical Love Story

Friends, I know it’s been a while. Other than the WWII novella, A Lightness in My Soul, I haven’t created any new English language works. But now, finally, I present to you an exciting new historical novel, called “The Scent of a Storm.” Over the years I’ve been meeting many people whose family members, parents …

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woman holding book in front of German bunker outside

Retracing History

Last week I showed my amazing daughter-in-law, Mar, some of the historical spots of my WWII novel Surviving the Fatherland. She also helps me with marketing on Instagram and Facebook. It so happens that we live a five-minute walk from the places, my parents and main protagonists endured the war. We stopped by the old …

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