While my background is in business writing, my passion is historical fiction. As you may have noticed, I write in English and in German.

English or German – What Comes First?

ink pen on paper sprouting treesTypically, I write my stories in English first. Maybe that’s because I started that way many years ago and it’s comforting to me to use the language I began my literary career in. In a second step I translate my English stories into German. Not all stories are suitable. Deciding on an era, characters, a plot, etc. is a process. When I began, I just wrote whatever came to mind. Now I also think about the suitability of a story for U.S. and German markets. The deciding factor always is that I feel passionate about the era, the subject matter and also the message I want to convey. My books do carry messages, even if they’re hidden and wrapped. I trust readers to find them on their own. Because if I’ve learned one thing, it is that readers are smart and observant.

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Translation Services

On occasion I accept a translation (German/English) project. Read more about translation services…