Month: January 2011

It Will Happen

Be patient, they tell me. It will happen, they say. My writer’s group, my former fiction writing instructor, my classmates tell me that my story is important, that it will be found and published. I agree, of course, how could I not. I believe it to be an important part of history that has been …

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The Old Market

Like many other places in Europe, the buildings around Solingen’s Alter Markt – old market – no longer exist. Neither does the famous statue of the sword smith Peter Hahn who towered above the famous water fountain and was a symbol for the city’s centuries-old metal and weapons industry. Solingen was bombed on November 4 …

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Jumping into the Water

Here we go. A number of people  test-read my novel; fiction writing classes and writers group have reviewed and critiqued. I  edited and tweaked, rewrote the query’s hook sentence more times than I care to count. Have read aloud, to myself and to others. Now begins the chapter of uncertainty, of icy showers of rejections. …

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