School Visits

DSC_0966An author visit is a wonderful way to promote literacy and create excitement for writing and history. Because of the subject matter and the average age of my readers, I typically visit 7th grade and up.

To make a visit the best it can be, I work with teachers/coordinators to fit into your schedule while maximizing time with the teens. Classroom presentations vary from writing workshops, to historical lessons and author related material such as a reading and Q&A.

Some of my books and materials are available at

DSC_0970Sample Presentations 


  • How to write your first novel, including 15 tips on how to write like the pros
  • Beginnings: The components of a first chapter
  • Plot, dialogue, inner and outer journey – creating compelling fiction
  • Dialogue: What are you trying to say?


  • Rocking 60s: Love, Peace and the Vietnam War Movement
  • What you always wanted to know about the Middle Ages and were afraid to ask, including a medieval quiz
  • The Lure of the American Wild West, plus a Wild West quiz


  • How I became an author or what’s it’s like to work in my PJs: What does an author do all day?
  • How a story is born
  • Book discussions and Q&A

I’m always happy to change up my routine, so if you’re interested in a particular subject matter related to writing fiction, you have a different setting in mind or other needs, please contact me.

Free downloadable materials to help you plan my visit

  • Editable poster to announce my visit
  • Sheet of bookmarks to print
  • A Different Truth (7th grade and up)
  • Escape From the Past: The Duke’s Wrath (6th grade and up)
  • Escape From the Past: The Kid (6th grade and up)
  • Escape From the Past: At Witches’ End (6th grade and up)
    • On request
  • Surviving the Fatherland: A True Coming-of-age Love Story Set in WWII Germany (11-12th grade)
    • On request
  • 47 Days: The True Story of Two Teen Boys Defying Hitler’s Reich (6th grade and up)
    • On request
  • Everything We Lose: A Civil War Novel of Hope, Courage and Redemption
    • On request
  • Where the Night Never Ends: A Prohibition Era Novel
    • On request
  • When They Made Us Leave: A Novel about Hitler’s Mass Evacuation Program for Children
    • On request

For writing workshops I provide handouts tailored to writing level and class time.