A Different Truth – Historical Mystery

book cover a different truth by annette oppenlander
New Cover 2nd Edition

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ISBN: 978-0997780017

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Paperback Page Count: 246

Publication Date: April 15, 2015, 2nd Edition June/July 2016

“In the vein of A “Separate Peace, this is perhaps the most important fiction book about the Vietnam Era a young adult could read.” Goodreads

readers' favorite five starsWhen a brutal hazing leads to death behind the secretive walls of a boarding school and Andy Olson decides to investigate, he’s drawn into a conspiracy that reaches to the highest level, forcing him to choose between exposing the truth and protecting himself. 

young man in uniformIn 1968 sixteen-year old Andy Olson’s family ships him off to Palmer Military Academy. There, along with his best friend, Tom, he is plunged into a world where rules are everything and disobedience not an option. When Tom openly supports the peace movement, Andy grows increasingly irritated. He doesn’t care about politics and the raging Vietnam War. Besides, messing with their bullying teammates is dangerous, underestimating fanatics like Officer Muller, the tormentor of plebes a mistake. It’s hard enough to make it through each day, avoid counselor Beerbelly’s spying eyes and extra marching. Andy plans to play a little football, visit Maddie, a townie with eyes like the Caribbean Sea and lie low until graduation.

But the war has a way of reaching Andy, he couldn’t have imagined. His privileged classmates with deep pockets and connections to the Dean call Tom a traitor. Maddie’s brother, a Vietnam vet confined to a wheelchair, aims to stop Andy from seeing Maddie. And there is Sarge, a dedicated soldier turned teacher who takes an uncanny interest in Andy. When Tom is attacked and the school calls it an unfortunate accident, Andy decides to make a choice that will not only threaten his future but his very life. Author Interview A Different Truth

Explores themes of bullying, hazing, Vietnam War versus Anti-War Movement, truth versus obedience.

Perfect for

  • Teens
  • Teen Boys
  • Reluctant Readers
  • Fans of Vietnam War Era History
  • Mystery Fans