For Teachers

school visit annette oppenlander presenting at high schoolI’m delighted you consider me visiting your school and classroom. In the sub-menu of this section I’ve listed the types of presentations I offer, including writing workshops, sessions related to historical periods my stories are set in as well as what it’s like to work as an author.

School Visits to Middle and High Schools

After my move to Germany, I spend little time in the U.S. and only schedule occasional school visits. I am, however, available for SKYPE visits. Please contact me with questions and about scheduling.

Some of my novels are offered through and include several teaching aids such as discussion guides and background information.

Social Studies, History and Writing

I offer a wide variety of workshops to complement your curriculum or offer motivation for reading and writing. In most cases my visits are customized for each school to ensure content and length are a good fit. I’ve researched and written novels set in medieval Germany, the Wild West, the Vietnam War era, the Civil War, the Prohibition era, and World War Two.

Writing workshops include a variety of subjects related to craft and include exercises and samples.

If you review German history or are covering other German-related subjects, I’m available to support your efforts, including German language translation (I’m a German-American citizen and German native) and insights into German culture. Furthermore, I support and facilitate communication between German and U.S. schools.

Download an overview of my books and workshop ideas, including honorarium and technology needs.

Teaching with Historical Fiction

Here is the link to an article published by Scholastic on how a teacher incorporates historical fiction into her classroom.

  • using historical fiction in the classroom
  • tips for choosing good historical fiction
  • strategies for helping students differentiate between fact and fiction

Here is another great article by Michelle Moran on using historical fiction in the classroom published by Random House: Why Historical Fiction Belongs in Your Classroom.