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Welcome to my website! Below you will find information about the latest releases. In the blog I present further information about books, sometimes also personal news. Under Books you’ll find published novels and novellas, both in English and German. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

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A harrowing tale of a single woman’s fight to preserve her beloved abbey, a tale of courage and perserverance – based on the true story of Sabiona Abbey in Northern Italy!

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Now available! The Exciting New Audiobook of my Father’s True Story

Based on my father’s experience as a youth in World War II, 47 DAYS takes us into the last months of the war. The ‘Reich’ is crumbling, but Hitler frantically throws the last warm bodies into battle: old men, the injured and feeble, and all 15- and 16-year old boys. With the Allies and Russians spreading across German soil, it is a wasted effort. Hitler well knows it is too late and that the war is lost. 

My father, Günter, and his best friend, Helmut, were among those teens, drafted in March 1945…

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WWII New Release

“…a fantastic read that is impossible to put down and will steal the hearts of all true romantics, as well as historical fiction buffs.” Readers’ Favorite – Five Stars

“…a complex multi-layered narrative that fully engages the reader.” Historical Novel Society

The new WWII love story that will keep you engaged to the last page – inspired by true events.
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New Release

“…incredibly moving…most highly recommended.” Readers’ Favorite Five Stars

“…eye-opening, heart-breaking and all together engrossing.” Hurn Publications

Inspired by the incredible true story of a German teen taken prisoner at the end of WWII, determined to survive and to reunite with his mother – A Lightness in My Soul is a tribute to the triumph of hope and redemption against all odds.

Germany, October 2019: In a car repair shop an elderly man waits next to a woman. They begin to talk about the Great War, when he was just a teen. He tells her a story, one he has never shared—his own.

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'Vaterland, wo bist Du?,' the German version of 'Surviving the Fatherland' made it to the finals and won the silver Skoutz Award in History
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A podcast interview about the importance of love in historical fiction
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