Traveling Back in Time

two teens standing in the snow in front of a building
On a Class Trip 1976

Okay, I don’t mean time travel like in the Escape from the Past trilogy. I wish I could travel around as I pleased, but we all know only Max Nerds can do that. But…I am returning to my old high school, Gymnasium August Dicke Schule in Solingen, Germany for an author visit. It’s a strange feeling to revisit the place I spent nine years from 5th through 13th grade.

It’s where I went through puberty and struggled with grades. Unlucky for us back then, we had only one “token”—sorry Michael—boy in our class. It must have been quite strange for him to be surrounded by hormone charged girls. I was quite shy back then and even more introverted than I’m now. Some of that shyness disappeared out of necessity, interacting with colleagues, raising kids and joining a community.

class photo in front of high school
In Front of the ADS in 1973

So, I’m excited to return to the old walls of my school, talking to the teens who sit in the same spots I occupied forty years ago. Much has changed, of course. We didn’t have computers, cell phones, Facebook or Twitter. We wrote on paper, talked on a house phone and if we wanted to hang out we’d visit our friends face-to-face.

I’m a child of the seventies and I still remember wearing miniskirts my mother had sewn. After the Abitur we all went our separate ways. Of all the classmates I probably went the farthest from home. Not that I planned it that way. Life happened and one thing led to another. Out of a one-year market research assignment in Wichita, KS, grew a U.S. life with my husband and three children.

And as I’m preparing for my meeting with my old school, I realize that my least favorite subjects in high school were history and English. As a U.S. author of historical fiction this makes no sense. But then life is full of surprises and just about anything is possible.

Especially if you’re still in high school.