First Reading and Signing

Annette Oppenlander reading in front of a group in a bookstore
Reading at Boxcar Books in Bloomington

Last Sunday, a group of heat-hardened, brave Bloomingtonians attended my first reading. I was nervous all morning, pacing, drinking coffee and rechecking my list of what to take. I needed books, of course, the new medieval map giveaways, reading glasses, bookmarks, business cards and my official signing pen.

Yes, authors are supposed to use a dedicated pen that doesn’t run, smudge or do other weird things on a precious book page. I’m the proud owner of several colors, green, blue and black.

woman reading from a book
Reading from my new book, Escape from the Past – The Duke’s Wrath

We arrived in time to set up a book table where I could sell and sign copies. After that I remember little. Okay, I’m kidding. I do remember standing in front of the listeners, realizing I couldn’t see well through my reading glasses. Usually, I don’t wear any, but the print is just small enough that it strains my eyes. Unfortunately, the distance between my eyes and book were somehow off and I tried to adjust back and forth. I would’ve preferred to put the book on the stand, but the stand was too low so that didn’t work either.

Well, I made it through almost two chapters before the time was up, sold a few books and met and spoke with really nice people. I’ll definitely do it again as soon as I get the chance. A huge thank you to the Bloomington Writers Guild for organizing the event.