Patience and Perserverance

In March 2012 I submitted a travel story to goNomad, a pretty well-known online travel magazine. At the time I was still into writing travel stories and I’d developed a longer piece about a trip we took with our friends, two American couples, to Germany. For a good two weeks I played guide as we visited Cologne, Tuebingen, the Black Forest and bicycled around Lake Constance.

The article for goNomad described a bit of unique shopping and a hike we took in my hometown, Solingen. After I submitted I didn’t hear back, so I got busy with fiction and never looked back. Just a few days ago I received an e-mail that my story is being published. It had only taken two-and-a-half years.

Read Germany: A Local’s Guide to Solingen now.

crest city of solingen
Solingen Crest