My Dog Is No Model

My dog is no modelThe other day a blogger requested a photo of me and my mutt, Mocha. So, to oblige her, I asked my husband to help with an impromptu photo shoot.

my dog is no modelWe positioned ourselves in the living room in front of the fireplace, our typical ‘family photo’ spot. Unfortunately, Mocha had other ideas. No matter how I coaxed, begged and demanded, Mocha would not cooperate. Initially, she nearly jumped into my arms, all excited about this new adventure. Once she figured we weren’t going for a walk or playing an exciting game, she decided to lie down instead. We wanted her to sit and face the camera, but she purposefully turned away with her face on the carpet.

my dog is no modelHow often do you see dogs sitting quietly and elegantly with their owners? Facebook is full of great dog pictures. Not us, not this dog. After a dozen tries, Mocha was finished with this new project and walked off to hide behind the chair. We got out dog treats which temporarily made her reappear. Until the treats were gone and we still had no decent shot.

my dog is no model
And the Winner is…

My husband then had the glorious idea of getting her on top of the raised fireplace. No way! Mocha wasn’t going to fall for that. She again retreated and scooted low to escape the loathsome black machine in front of my husband’s face.

In the end we managed a half-decent shot. Not what we wanted, but you get the idea. And since I’m no model material either, we simply deserve each other.