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Happy New Year!

gratitude image and textWell, at least let’s hope it’ll be happier than 2020. Corona, Covid-19, has cast its black veil across the planet. Few countries are as affected as the U.S. – When one feels down, it often helps to think about things we are grateful for. The list is long, but I will attempt to mention a few…

I’m thankful for

  • …my father who’s made it to 92.
  • …the incredible people who take care of the sick and dying, the scientists who find ways to protect us in the future.
  • …my family, for becoming grandparents for the first time, for my son’s safe move to Germany, for bringing us his wife as a new daughter.
  • …my super short commute to my office desk.
  • …my amazing readers, the wonderful letters I receive.
  • …having a warm home, food and chocolate.
  • …my brain that still continues to create new ideas.

I’m hopeful that 2021 will bring less suffering and that humanity takes control of this virus. Let us be kind to each other even if we feel lousy about wearing face masks, canceling vacations and staying home instead of visiting friends and family.

I wish you and yours a peaceful and healthy New Year!

New Editorial Reviews

book cover with review stickerMy new novella, A Lightness in My Soul, a true story about a teen boy is finding its first readers. Among them are a few bloggers who had this to say…

  • “If you like war stories you should definitely read this one. It’s short, emotional, balanced and brilliantly narrated.” Bibliomaniacaza Blog Review
  • “…a very well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy reading historical fiction and those based on real events.” Locks, Hooks and Books Blog Review