woman sits on rock with book

Why I Write

person holding booksMaybe it’s my father’s death that made me think about why I write and what’s important to me in writing my books.

With every new generation, the memories of history slip farther into the past and are easily forgotten. With my stories, I want to preserve some of that memory. I also want to highlight what an entire generation went through and that war affected people differently and profoundly, often for the rest of their lives. We must work to elect leaders who dislike war, not choose it to further their own interests. Because most people, every day people, no matter where they live have very similar wants and needs: a home, family, security, love and a means to make a living.

Against Forgetting

Maybe I approach my stories with the motto “Against forgetting” – we mustn’t forget our history, we must learn from it. And the first thing to do is to find out what life was like “back then.” With my stories, I try to shed light on those “every day” lives.

I believe that history repeats itself endlessly until we make the conscious and active decision to learn from the past.