Writers are weird!

Today on FB, one of my writing acquaintances commented that writers are often weird and don’t act like “normal” people. This eccentricity is caused by the artistic brain, researchers have found.

Nowhere else is this more obvious than when communicating with non-writers. How do you explain that you just spent four hours revising a few pages of text? Alone in your room, oh, and you forgot to eat, answer the phone—and the kitchen is a mess. Your husband comes home and looks at you strangely. What have you been doing all day?

Em, write.

I expect that the new Broadway comedy “Seminar” with one of my all-time favorite actors Alan Rickman will exploit this theme. No better person to express the strangeness of writing and writers. It’s supposed to be super funny and I’d love to see the play. In the loneliness of our offices, often struggling with the next word, phrase, paragraph, okay, the entire structure, we could use an Alan Rickman to teach us a few morsels of wisdom. If nothing else, he’d make us laugh, and of course pant a bit. Can you tell I’m a fan?

So here is the link to a special give-away “Seminar” which promises tickets to a lucky blogger, tweeter or FB addict.  Do I feel lucky? Do I?