Juice Fast – Day One

We began our juice fast this morning. The scale showed 151 pounds. It took about ten minutes total to wash the produce—four apples, one half lemon, one orange, four celery stalks, one carrot, piece of cucumber and three kale leaves—and run them through the juicer. Result: about 30 oz of juice (two portions). Mottled green with an orange tinge, it tasted refreshing with a nice citrus note (sounds like a wine label). The juice fast says we should drink about 8-12 ounces four times a day, so this was slightly more. I assume we’ll dial in the portions as we go.

Two women with juice and juicer
Juice Fast Day One

I feel great, my head is clear. I heard on day two and three things turn a bit fuzzy as the toxins are gathered around the body and washed away. I’ll let you know what happens.

10 am: Pretty hungry, drinking water and distracting myself with writing. Second Drink at 11 am contained two apples, one beet, six carrots, one orange, one half lemon and two kale leaves. Bright-red, it tasted earthy and citrusy.

12:30 pm: Took a 30-minute walk with the dog. Hungry by 1:30. Drank some green tea—organic herb teas are allowed—to keep me going until the next juice installment.

3 pm: Another mix, three carrots, three celery, one half lemon, two apples, one orange, three kale leaves. My daughter is eying the apples and wants to chew one, just to give her mouth something to do. So far I’m not craving chocolate because the juices are pretty sweet. I’m staying committed.

5 pm: I’m starving as I’m preparing my husband’s dinner: spinach salad with apples, sweet potato noodles with stir-fried vegetables. In one hour I get to drink my “dinner.”

6 pm: It’s been a long hour and I chug down a glass of apple, celery, cucumber, orange and kale juice spiced with a piece of fresh ginger. The ginger tastes amazing though I’m instantly hungry again. What did I get myself into and why in the world did I start a blog about it? I continue to drink water while my daughter is miserable on the couch. We take the dog for another walk to distract ourselves.

9 pm: I’m exhausted, ready to put day one behind me.