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Exciting News!

New Literary Agent I’m very excited to share that I’m now represented by literary agent, Dr. Dorothee Schmidt. As you know I recently translated my award-winning novel, Surviving the Fatherland, into German and I’m hoping this true story about my parents will be available in the German language market. New Prohibition Novel I’m putting the …

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Why we Need Reminders

Walking through my hometown, Solingen, in Germany, you’ll come across some old structures. I don’t mean historic districts like Gräfrath, after WWII the only preserved part of town. No, I’m talking about bunkers (bomb shelters). One could ask why there are still around? Too expensive to remove? Would we use them again? I doubt it. …

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Castle – Burg Hanstein Revisited

Reading/presentation of ‘Surviving the Fatherland‘ at VHS Solingen on April 19, 2018 at 19:00. The story is based on my parents growing up during WWII in Solingen. I’ll be sharing selected passages from the book that relate to certain occurrences in the war in general and in Solingen in particular. Please stay tuned for future …

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