A Report about my Old Girl

black and white photo of man with an old dog
Bluey, the Australian Cattle Dog who broke all records.


Mocha, my dear old girl has passed away. I’m beyond sad and miss her so much. I’m telling myself that she is in peace now, taking a good long nap or maybe running in a beautiful forest. Love you forever.

old dog getting a treat

For those of you who wonder about my old mutt, Mocha, who is prominently featured on my homepage, I’m happy to report that she’s still around. She had knee surgery in June 2017 and moved with us to Germany in September 2017. The following spring, her hind legs were getting weak and shaky, a common ailment of older dogs.

old dog lying on floorAfter some research I decided to try Chinese herbs that were advertised to help strengthen muscles and tendons. I’m happy to report, it worked. Within weeks, Mocha improved so much that she was able to resume walking twice a day again. She also has to climb stairs to our apartment several times a day. Mind you that she enjoys a bit of liverwurst with her medicine.

Mocha in the bath
“Dumbo” Mocha’s First Bath in 2004

I’m telling myself that his can’t last. After all, Mocha is turning fifteen in June, truly old age for a cattle dog mix. Though there was this cattle dog in Australia – it has its own wikipedia page – who apparently lived for 28 years. Read the story about Bluey. I guess Mocha is determined to break the record. We’ll see. In the meantime I’m enjoying my time with her, even though it ties us down quite a bit.