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Vaterland, wo bist Du? Der preisgekrönte Roman des Zweiten Weltkriegs

ZUR SOFORTIGEN VERÖFFENTLICHUNG Vaterland, wo bist Du? – Der preisgekrönte Roman nach einer wahren Geschichte  Solingen, 30. Oktober 2019: Annette Oppenlander präsentiert in ihrem neuen Roman „Vaterland, wo bist Du?“ einen selten behandelten Teil des dunkelsten Kapitels deutscher Geschichte: das Schicksal der Kinder im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Der in den USA zuerst […]

A Great Reading and Upcoming Books

Last weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the fifth ‘Literary Hike’ in the beautiful Vorwerk Park in Wuppertal. Under cloudy but dry skies eight authors and their roughly twenty guests walked and enjoyed beautiful settings together. At various picturesque sites throughout the park authors presented stories and poems. […]

On the Hunt for the Next Story

Everywhere I go, I keep my eyes open for another story. It’s not even that I’m purposefully looking, it’s sort of an unconscious awareness that is ready to scream when something interesting crosses my path. You never know when you hit pay dirt. This time it happened on a strenuous […]