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“…incredibly moving…most highly recommended.” Readers’ Favorite Five Stars

For lovers of fiction, WWII stories, true stories, Holocaust stories

Inspired by the incredible true story of a German teen taken prisoner at the end of WWII, determined to survive and to reunite with his mother – A Lightness in My Soul is a tribute to the triumph of hope and redemption against all odds.

Germany, October 2019: In a car repair shop an elderly man waits next to a woman. They begin to talk about the Great War, when he was just a teen. He tells her a story, one he has never shared—his own.

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New Release – Bargain Collection

A collection of true WWII stories from the last year of the war. 

Includes the two novellas 47 Days and A Lightness in My Soul plus two short stories

As Germany enters its last war year and precious resources, especially available and combat-ready men, become scarce, Hitler decides it is time to exploit Germany’s teens. Unlike typical battle stories, this collection of true accounts follows four fifteen- to seventeen-year old boys as they struggle with the ever-crumbling Reich, trying to stay alive against the odds. 

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'Vaterland, wo bist Du?,' the German version of 'Surviving the Fatherland' made it to the finals and won the silver Skoutz Award in History
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A podcast interview about the importance of love in historical fiction
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